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How is EHR Verified Production (EVP) Counting Done?

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EVP Counting


EHR Verified Production (EVP) is an optional feature on the InfraWare 360 platform which helps bridge the gap between providing patient documentation and maintaining accurate billing for both staff and clients.  EVP works in all EHR platforms and provides a verifiable line count for all work done in the client’s EHR.  See KB947 for details on this feature.

Characters Not Counted

  • Backspace
  • Del
  • Del (Number Pad)

Event Repeat Rule

  • Left & Right Click: If a left or right click is repeated more than 20 times in a row, only the first 20 clicks are counted. (This limit can be configured.)
  • Key Press: If a key press is repeated more than 5 times in a row, only the first 5 clicks are counted. (This limit can be configured.)

Counting Formula



Counting Method


Counted as one character*

Enter or Return Key

Counted as one character*

Space, Tab

Counted as one character*

Special Keys (e.g., Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Home, Esc, Function Keys, etc.)

Counted as one character*

Arrow Keys

Counted as one character*

Left & Right Mouse Clicks

Counted as one mouse click**


* - subject to the key press limit (default limit is 5)

** - subject to the left/right click limit (default limit is 20)



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