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What is the MT Productivity Report?

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MT Productivity Report Explained


For an explanation on what the parameters for the MT Productivity Report mean, see KB496.  Transcription LPH is a computed value based on historical data.  For details on how the Transcription LPH (TX lines/hour) are computed, see KB735.

The MT Productivity Report is a powerful tool for analyzing the effects of enabling First Draft on your work force.

One of the key tools this report provides is the ability to compare an MTs production before and after enabling First Draft. You can inspect a specific MT based on a certain Author and Document type, or you can see the overall picture. Monitoring an MTs production rates can be important for determining how well he/she is adopting First Draft, and can be a gauge for how the MT is likely to feel about making the switch.

For example, in the above snippet of the report, we can see that while Russ and Roger have adapted well to John Seger moving to FD, Louise has not adjusted well.  While Russ and Roger are probably very happy with the move and may be making more money, Louise is almost certainly frustrated. After looking at this report, an admin could take some proactive steps to mitigate this looming problem if Louise has not spoken up yet.

The MT Productivity Report can also be good for analyzing production on a certain Author after moving him or her to First Draft. For instance, if editors are seeing good increased productivity on some Authors, but are seeing only marginal increases on others, then it may be a good idea to review the templates and touch base with some of the MTs that are editing for that Author – it may be that a few settings are a little off, or it could be that this Author simply is not a good candidate for First Draft. In the below example, for instance, it would certainly be worth investigating why the production numbers for “image, image” have dropped after enabling First Draft. Be careful, however, since it could have more to do with an individual MT than with the Author’s settings/template. We know from the above screen shot that it’s actually Louise that is bringing down the average for this Author.

This report can also be run based on MT, rather than by Author as shown above:


  • MT - MT who edited the jobs matching report parameters specified
  • Author - Author of the jobs edited matching report parameters specified
  • Job Number - When the report is expanded out fully job-level detail is available for all jobs which matching report parameters specified
  • FD lines / hour - Lines per hour for FD jobs.  This line count is based on a 65-character line, not excluding Inactive time
  • Active FD lines / hour - Lines per hour for FD jobs, taking into account Inactive time (no activity in the ITC Editor or any other ITC windows).  This line count is based on a 65-character line.
  • TX lines / hour - Weighted TX LPH
  • Percent Change -  FD LPH minus TX LPH divided by FD LPH (Goal is typically for %Change to be 100%, which means FD LPH is twice as fast as TX LPH; however, this varies depending on the body of work.)
  • Gross FD Dictation Minutes - FD Dictation Minutes used for reporting values returned
  • Gross TX Dictation Minutes - TX Dictation Minutes used for reporting values returned (If there were no TX jobs this value is historical if data exhists on the platform.  See KB735 for details.
  • Percent Editing - Percentage of First Draft jobs compared to TX jobs for the date parameters specified


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