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How to create a post-production job sample for QA Scoring?

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How to generate a Post-Production Job Sample for QA scoring


The InfraWare 360 platform allows Administrators to QA score a sample of jobs transcribed by a specified MT.  This allows the Administrator to quantify MT performance and document quality and provide feedback on job performance to the MT.   Since only a small sample of jobs can usually be QA'd (due to time constraints) the IMC provides a helpful tool to allow the Admin/editor to select a sample of jobs of the size and criteria appropriate.


  • Sign into the IMC using your Administrator login and password.
  • Click the Workflow tab and then the QA Scoring sub-tab.

  • Select a Transcriptionist from the drop-down box. 
  • Specify Job Sampling

  • Only include jobs that: - This section allows you to filter (exclude jobs from the sample) that don't meet the criteria you enter.
    • Start date and end date.
    • Enter a job# if you are going to QA score a specific job. 
    • Facility – Use the drop-down box to choose one facility or choose All. 
    • Filter further by using the drop-down boxes for:
      • Document Category
      • Document Type
      • Author
    • Include jobs that have been QA’d or scored -- Check this only if you want to include jobs that have already received a QA score previously during the QA process.

  • Sample those Jobs by:  - If you do not want to score all jobs, tell the IMC how to cut the sample down.
    • Further filter the jobs to QA score using the following criteria:
    • List all jobs.
    • List a random sample of ____ jobs.
    • Display only one Job from each Author.
    • Display only one Job from each Document Type.

  • Click Search
  • Launch Scoring session in the Online Editor:
    • A list of jobs will appear based on your sampling. 
    • Click Score in the Online Editor. 
    • The Online Editor will open and you can perform QA scoring in the IMC.  See KB277 for further information.


Jobs transcribed by more than 1 MT will not be included in the job sampling for QA Scoring.    





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