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Can a user eSign for another user?

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Can a user eSign for another user?


Yes, a user can eSign on behalf of another user if the organization's policies allow that practice.  InfraWare supports the following options for authorizing someone to eSign documents:


When an eSign-off Requirement is established (for an author, facility, etc.) an Authorization is also specified.  Usually, the authorization to eSign is granted to the author himself, but that is not the only option.  A different user can be specified.  In order to be available for selection, a user must have the Author role.  In addition, please note that the signature applied to the document will be the signature specified under Author Settings for the user doing the signing.  See KB462 for details.

eSign-off Pools

As an extension of the Requirement/Authorizations, an eSign-off Pool can be created and authorized.  A pool is a group of users; in this case authors.  (If an administrative support person needs to be included, you need to give them the author role.)  Using a Pool, multiple users can be given the authority to eSign.  As above, the signature applied to the document will be the signature specified under Author Settings for the user doing the signing.

eSign-off Proxies

eSign-off proxies are different than the above options.  Instead of saying a user 'can sign,' this feature says the user 'can sign on behalf of' this author.  In other words, they are signing FOR the author.  In this case, when someone has been granted the authority to sign on behalf of an author with a proxy assignment, it is the author's signature (text and/or image) that gets applied to the document.  The process is logged in the audit trail.

As many users can be assigned the proxy authorization as are needed.  In order to qualify to be an eSign-off proxy, a user must have a Facility Role (Author or Facility Admin).

When a proxy is established, that proxy then has the authority to perform any signing that the author to whom they were assigned has permissions to sign.  In other words, when setting up an eSign-off Requirement, an admin would authorize the author himself.  Then, through the inherited right of the proxy feature, then proxy user would enjoy that right.
The Audit Trail will correctly identify both the author who signed and the identity of the proxy who did the signing.

Proxy Setup Steps

  • Go to the Workflow tab in the IMC ⇒ eSign-off Management sub-tab.
  • Clicks the Manage link found under eSign-off Proxies. 
  • A new page will load.  Select the Facility and Author for whom proxies need to be established (the author, not the proxy signer)
  • Click Choose to select the proxies. 
  • A new page will load with a swap list.  Select from the list of Available names on the left for those who will have proxy rights to sign for the Author selected above (the proxy signer, not the Author). 
  • Click on the Add button to add them to the Allowed items.
  • Click Save when you are done.


  • InfraWare does not support a scenario in which an Author merely provides their password to another user so they can sign.

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