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How do I setup jobs to go to QA?

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How To Setup Jobs to Go to QA


Transcription is the only workflow step in the InfraWare 360 platform that is required. All other workflow steps are optional. Following the completion of the transcription step, the next potential step is Quality Assurance (QA). A job is only routed to QA if a QA Requirement has been established which applies to the job. For broad flexibility, such ‘requirements’ can be established at many levels.


  • From most general to most specific, the levels at which an Administrator can require QA are listed below:
    • Account - All jobs in that Account will be routed for QA no matter which Facility, Author or MT is associated with that job.
    • Facility - All jobs for the Facility will be routed to QA no matter which Author or MT is associated with that job.
    • Author - All jobs for the Author will be routed to QA, no matter which transcriptionist is associated with that job.
    • Transcriptionist - All jobs associated with the transcriptionist will be routed to QA.
    • Document Type - All jobs for the Document Type will be routed to QA, no matter which transcriptionist is associated with that job.
    • Job Specific - Manually route a single job to QA from the Queue tab in the IMC.  Further details below under “Managing QA for a Single Job.”
    • QA Marks (blanks) - All jobs with one or more QA Marks will be routed to QA (KB155).

  • If one or more of the above properties of a job have a QA Requirement established, the job will get routed to QA. As a practical matter, than means that upon completion of transcription, the job will become QA Pending and will wait for an authorized editor to perform QA prior to being released for additional workflow steps (such as eSign-off or Delivery).

QA Requirements

  • Requirements are cumulative. If any one or more of the levels applying to a job require QA, then the job will be routed to QA. It doesn’t matter if the job has one reason to go to QA or 5 reasons. Only positive requirements can be set. There is not a setting to exempt jobs from QA.

QA Authorizations

  • Anytime a QA Requirement is set, a corresponding QA Authorization must be set as well. QA Authorizations are also cumulative. That means that if there are three levels specifying QA Requirements, all users authorized in all three levels will be authorized to QA the job. 

  • When setting a QA Authorization, an Administrator can choose among two options:

    • Specific editor (user with the Transcriptionist role†)

    • QA Pool (a group of Transcriptionists organized for QA management)

  • If a specific editor is identified, then only that editor will be allowed to access the job for QA unless there are other QA Requirements which specify additional users in their QA Authorizations. 

Management in the IMC

  • Establishing policies for QA routing in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC) is quite easy. When an Administrator wants to exercise control over QA policies, there are two places to do so:
    • Specific Level:  For example, to begin requiring QA for a certain Author go to the Author Settings of that user.  To begin requiring QA for all jobs of a certain Document Type go to the settings of that Document Type.
    • Workflow QA Settings:  The Workflow tab in the IMC aggregates all of these QA settings under one umbrella. On the Workflow tab, the Administrator can click QA on the image to load the QA Requirements Management page. This page allows access to QA Requirements for all criteria from one location.
  • The logic behind these two options is user friendliness. Both options create the same settings, but the choice of location can depend on the Administrator’s perspective at the time. When setting up a new MT, for example, all settings can be applied from the User's profile page. In another scenario, QA settings can be reviewed or changed across many users. In that case, it would be more expedient to go to the Workflow tab.

In either approach, the Administrator is also given the opportunity to specify that a sample rate of jobs should be routed to QA rather than all jobs.  See KB540 for details.

Managing QA for a Single Job

  • All of the QA policy levels apply to a set of jobs transcribed in the future, except for the Job Specific criteria. This level provides an Administrator with the ability to direct a single job to QA. The requirement can be set by loading the Job Properties page from the Queue tab in the IMC. (Click the job number in the left most column.) In the Assignments area near the bottom of the Job Properties screen, the Admin can see whether QA is required for the job (or not) and click Change to set a requirement.

  • When the Change link is clicked, a screen loads with a blue and white striped grid which lists all the reasons (levels) why a job might require QA. There is a yes/no in a column for each reason. For any level which has a Requirement in place (a ‘yes’) a corresponding Authorization will also be listed.

Administrative QA

  • This document describes the workflow behavior under routine circumstances when editors are performing QA in the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC). InfraWare 360 provides a shortcut known as Administrative QA in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC). This feature allows an Administrator to advance a job past the QA workflow step without downloading it to an editor. The purpose of this feature is to extend over-ride power to the Administrator. This is available on the QA Queue sub-tab under the Queue.

Note: In the architecture of Roles in the InfraWare 360 platform, there is no special Role for QA editor. QA editors are users with the Transcriptionist Role who have been authorized to QA one or more jobs.

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