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How do I install Free FTPD?

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How to Install Free FTPD


The Free FTPD application is an SFTP server program that is suitable for use in conjunction with the InfraWare Document Delivery System (DDS) when reports need to be securely transferred to a customer's location.

The idea here is that the customer (either healthcare facility or MTSO) wants InfraWare to transfer completed reports to a folder on their computer.  To do that, the customer location needs to be running the SFTP server software.  In technical jargon, the InfraWare server will be the SFTP client in this file transfer transaction.  This article provides a brief overview of the installation of that product.  No further support for the FreeFTPD software is available from InfraWare and this is best installed and tested by a skilled network professional.

Please note this disclaimer:  This is not an InfraWare product, and InfraWare does not endorse, warrant or make any representations regarding it.


Steps to install and configure the Free FTPD application:

  • Download the program from this site: http://freeftpd.com/
  • Double-click the downloaded file to begin the installation on the computer you want to use.  This should be a computer that is turned on all the time (24x7).
  • Answer the questions.  The default answers will be fine for most users, but InfraWare recommends answering that you would like to run the program as a Windows service.
  • The settings screen will initially display that the sftp server is "offline". Click the sftp on the left, then click the Start button in the lower right.
  • Once installed and running, setup a username and password for InfraWare to use by clicking ‘Users’ on the options tree.  You can choose any authentication method, but ‘Password stored as SHA1 hash’ is recommended.
  • Please note that firewalls will prevent the communication FreeFTPD is designed to provide.  If you have the built-in Windows firewall or a third party firewall (such as Norton or many others) you will need to either disable it or configure it (preferred) to allow the SFTP traffic.  In addition, the hardware firewall on your network will need to be configured to allow the traffic to enter your network from the Internet.  This usually requires a network engineer with firewall experience.  Specific IP and port information this person will need is located here: KB130
  •  Test the server by connecting to it.  You can connect from an SFTP Client, such as WinSCP located here: https://winscp.net/eng/docs/guide_install  (get the stand-alone version).  Alternatively, you can simply setup a Document Delivery Destination in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC) to test that way.  For instructions for setting up in the IMC, check this article: KB117.

Note: If you have FreeFTPD setup properly but tests are unsuccessful, firewall restrictions are the most likely cause.  For testing, it is recommended to disable the software firewall on the machine running FreeFTPD.  You can also try connecting to it (using a program like WinSCP) from a workstation on your own network to eliminate passing through your network’s hardware firewall.  If it works from inside your network, but not from a machine on the Internet (outside your network) you can focus on the configuration of your firewall.

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