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Why Partner with InfraWare?

Meaningful Use (MU) has changed not only documentation but how physicians work. Revenue and morale are both down, while risks are up. Our solution helps providers save time by dictating any combination of structured or narrative data, while still achieving MU requirements. InfraWare is Helping Doctors Regain Their Voice.

InfraWare 360 is a technology platform that connects healthcare professionals in a documentation ecosystem through a service infrastructure of transcription and data-entry. Professionals are empowered by innovative technology including mobile apps, back-end speech recognition and EMR integration.  

Delivering reports into the EMR and directly into structured and narrative data fields is essential to capture the patient's story, while saving providers time. InfraWare is a leadership member of the Health Story Project that created the Consolidated CDA standards adopted for EMR Meaningful Use Stage 2 and beyond.