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How do I use the Dictation Schedule in InfraWare Mobile for Android?

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InfraWare Mobile for Android Dictation Schedule


InfraWare Mobile for Android includes the ability to dictate from a schedule.  This feature requires that the schedule be pre-populated from the EHR Web Portal by a facility user or via an interface.  See KB593 for details on entering a schedule via the EHR Web Portal.

Tap the Schedule link on the Workflow screen to view your schedule.



  • At the top of the Schedule screen, you will find the option to view all appointments or just the pending ones (ones that have not yet been dictated against). 
  • Tap one of the appointments to begin dictating for that patient and pre-populate the job properties for that encounter. 
  • Appointments can be dictated against as many times as necessary.
  • Follow the dictation operations as outlined above to Record, Play, Save, and Submit the dictation.



Update in the Play Store on 11/06/2015:

  • App stability enhancements
  • Schedule Enhancements (KB832):
    • Users may now access the Schedule screen from the Workflow screen when there are no pending Schedule entries.
    • After submitting a job created from the Schedule, that job's appointment will immediately drop off the "Pending" list (and will be available under the "All" tab).
    • The Schedule Screen will default to the "All" tab in appropriate circumstances (e.g., when navigating from the Workflow screen to the Schedule screen when there are no pending appointments).


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