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What pointers can you give to troubleshoot the ITC?

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ITC 2009 Troubleshooting Guide

The InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC) is a robust piece of software. There are times though where some of its supporting software will give the process problems. Below, you will find a list of various items that can give the ITC issues.


Errors in the ITC 

If you are trying to run the ITC and receiving a specific error message, please take a look at this Knowledge Base article:  KB442


.NET Framework

At times, Windows Updates or other events will cause the .NET Framework components to fail. When you run into this type of situation, it is best to reload the .NET Framework files.  The following Knowledge Base article gives an overview of the steps necessary to reload: KB464


Anti-virus Issues

Anti-virus software is vital to run in this day and age. Unfortunately, some anti-virus software will even see the InfraWare software as a threat.  If you think that your anti-virus software is causing an issue when running the InfraWare Transcription Client, you will want to add an exclusion to the AV software.  Unfortunately, all AV software clients are a little different in how they have you add exclusions.  Because of that, we are not able to give specific examples on how to add exclusions for the ITC. Here are links to three of the most used AV products:

As a temporary step, you can turn off your AV software and try to run the ITC.  If the problem you are seeing goes away after turning off AV, you will then know that the AV software is likely causing the issue.  We would recommend you add exclusions to your AV software at that point.


Firewall Settings

Firewalls are not typically an issue. There are times though where firewalls are tightened down to a point where the ITC traffic cannot get through. Firewalls should be enabled to allow for https traffic to come to and from www.infraware.com.


Windows Updates

Microsoft releases updates to their operating systems fairly often. It is important to run these updates on your computer in order to ensure you have a secure operating system as well as to ensure you have the most bug-free operating system available.  The following link gives instructions on running the Windows Update on your computer:  Windows Update


 Problem / Solution

Problem: When I am typing on a job, the words do not keep up with my typing.

Solution:  If you have not done so already, please reboot your computer.  Also, you might try temporarily turning off your Word-Expander and see if the problem goes away. There are times when a Word-Expander will cause a slowdown in the ITC, especially in cases where you have many entries. If you temporarily turn off the word expander and the problem does go away, you should examine your computer's system resources to ensure you have a proper amount of RAM memory and a sufficient CPU to handle a large amount of data.


Problem: I just ran Windows Updates and now my ITC will not start up.

Solution: There can be various things that occur during the Windows Updates procedure. Often times the update will include updates to the Microsoft .NET Framework. If you start having issues after a Windows update, the first thing you can try is to uninstall and then reinstall the .NET Framework.  If things still won't work after that process, it would be best to Uninstall and Reinstall the InfraWare ITC software.


Problem: My foot pedal is not working when I try to use it to play the audio file.

Solution: If you have used this pedal before on the platform, then you know it is compatible.  The best thing to resolve this issue is to shut down your computer, unplug the USB foot pedal, wait a few seconds, plug the pedal back in and start your computer back up.

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